Replacements For The Traditional Roulette Wheel

It is often seen that with the march of technology comes newer modifications of old methods and practices.  At times this could mean an adoption of a different way of doing the same thing but with a different focus than before.  The roulette wheel has been a good method to generate a random number for quite some years now and it is a very presentable way of working up a number as well. 

There were a number of attempts at replacing the roulette with an electronic equivalent but with little success.  The drama that unfolds when a spinning wheel decides the fortune of a number of folks and at time large sums of money too, makes this an inseparable part to any casino.  Thus it was a question of how the more some things change, the matters remain the same. 

The dramatization of the roulette wheel

The dramatization that a movie is bound to need would make the use of the wheel a must have in a number of setting and it is the better organized director that would get to make the most of the presented opportunity. 

            Slow death: In many ways the rotating wheel can be taken to signify the act of slow death and something that is dramatically brought out in the movies from time to time.  There seems to be nothing that can produce the dramatization possible with the rotating wheel of fortune that has caught the attention of a number of story writers as well as movie directors. 

            Thinking time: The slow turn of the fortune wheel does provide a space for thinking that would not have been possible otherwise in any other dispensation.  With the wheel or a circle that signifies neither an end nor a beginning, the dramatization could not have been more complete.  This does bring to head situations that would not have been possible in any other setting and manner. 

            Continuity: A circle or a wheel would be most appropriate to narrate continuity of situations more than anything else.  It has been used so in the past and the further use is a good way to produce an effect that is so telling on the audience.  There are always some form of classical presentation that a narration presents and the use of the wheel of fortune is one such part. 

When a change would not be the most appropriate

As is well known, if there is really a constant about anything, then it would probably be change.  This could well be the law of nature when an order gives place to a new with time.  So it would seem some sort of time warp to be using a wheel of fortune when a more modern implement could have been deployed in its place. 

There are always some classic representations that simply do not change with time and this would be true of situations as well as things people get to use.  The fortune wheel could be a classic representation that would probably not change for some more time to come. 

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